Sunday, October 3, 2021

Week in Grieview

Posts this week included (with a photo on Second Avenue by Derek Berg)... 

• Airbnb strike: Authorities impound vans used for overnight stays in the East Village (Tuesday

• To get Corey Johnson's attention, East River Park activists chain themselves to a tree at City Hall (Wednesday

• RIP Faith Laugier (Sunday

• MAJOR changes coming to the aisles of Key Food (Wednesday

• An early morning visit with NY1's Roger Clark (Thursday

• Scone mania: At Mary O's, an Irish blessing and 20,000 pounds of self-raising flour (Tuesday

• Volunteers needed for the Loisaida CommUnity Fridge and Pantry (Friday

• The Wild Son plans for daytime expansion with a lunch counter next door on 1st Avenue (Monday)

• Police looking for suspect who assaulted an Uber driver on 14th and 3rd (Friday

• Gallery Watch: Sei Smith — Portraits of You at Ki Smith Gallery (Wednesday

• Openings: Beloved Cafe debuts on Allen Street (Friday

• Eastanbul Gyro Kebab and Smyrna Bakery appear to have closed at 200 Allen St. (Friday)

• Metrograph and its Commissary reopen on Ludlow Street (Friday

• The Mayfly debuts on East Houston (Wednesday

• Danish coffee shop La Cabra debuts on 2nd Avenue (Thursday

• Looking at the new mosaics inside the 1st Avenue L stop (Monday

• Hellbound: Café de L'Enfer popping up on Avenue A this fall (Thursday

• Afternoon bringing Korean hot dogs, mochi doughnuts and croffles to St. Mark's Place (Wednesday)

• Good news-bad news for fans of Pouring Ribbons on Avenue B (Sunday

• Desi Stop Deli signage arrives on 2nd Avenue (Wednesday

• MSCHF on the Bowery (Monday)

• The new-look SW corner of 1st Avenue and 3rd Street (Wednesday)

Earlier this past week, the landlord painted over part of the mural wall (taking out three murals) on Second Street at First Avenue...
East Village Walls had been curating this spot (at no cost to the landlord) for the past six years. The landlord is apparently using the space now for an advertiser.


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Jill W said...

dogs in traffic, what could go wrong?

Anonymous said...

Resembles the Beatles album cover but with dogs