Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Yuca Bar remains closed

[Photo yesterday by Steven]

The bar-restaurant on the corner of Avenue A and East Seventh Street is still closed after Sunday evening's fire on an upper floor. (Unofficially candles in an apartment were to blame for the blaze.)

There's no word yet when Yuca Bar might reopen. EVG correspondent Steven said that "the interior is a wreck."

Indeed, workers have cleared out all the tables and chairs from the dining room...

And a worker was spotted dragging out large trash bags of damaged items to the curb. Still no word on the Yuca website or Facebook page (which hasn't been updated since May 2015) about a temporary closure. The phone is back in service, though there isn't any answer or outgoing message.

As for the building's tenants, Steve Herrick, the executive director of the Cooper Square Committee, left this comment on our post:

If any residents of 133 E. 7th St. can reach out to Cooper Square Committee at 212-228-8210, we can help you access resources including temporary housing. We can also help the displaced tenants to organize and get your building repaired as soon as possible.

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Anonymous said...

I am gutted to hear of this. Now where I will go to eat overcooked plantains and drink overpriced, tasteless margaritas?