Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bleecker Bob's have a bid on space in the East Village

As you know, Bleecker Bob's is closing up shop at its longtime home, which will become a FroYo shop in the West Village.


Perhaps the store will live on... in the East Village. Per BB's Facebook page this afternoon:

Dear Friends,
only a few days left until closing day!!!

BUT..... we do have a "bid" in on a space in the east village so keep your fingers crossed!!

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Anonymous said...

No tears from me. Bleecker Bob's was always one of the worst; I'd go there regularly in the 1980s and 1990s just to see how exorbitantly priced their records were....Then go merrily to "Second Coming" and "Venus".

Anonymous said...

Yep, I agree with the poster above. Bob's was always WAY overpriced. That they kept open all these years is amazing, but I think there is misplaced sentimentality on record store closings in general here. I spent TONS of money at other stores in the area, but don't think I ever spent a dime at Bobs.

Anonymous said...

To say there were cheaper places to buy records is missing the point. Yes, the whole neighborhood was a record buyer's paradise back then, obviously not so much today (though still better than a lot of places). But one of the greatest things about BB's was the services they happily provided for bands starting out in the local club scene. If you had a band that was getting hot, you could sell not only your music, but your shirts, patches, pins, stickers, etc. through BB's on consignment. So when fans asked you, you could tell them exactly where to go to buy your stuff.

~evilsugar25 said...

BB's was/is expensive, yes. But damned if I won't be giddy if they move into the 'hood. A record store or a bar/7-11/schmancyness? Are you kidding me??

I'm thinking it might be the stretch on Av A between 5th & 4th, where there's the magazines & books. Fingers crossed!!

Anonymous said...

To the 3rd anon poster, tell, me when bands or artists left their product at Bob's for consignment and told people where to buy their work, did Bob ever pay them? I doubt it, as i know more than a dozed people still waiting to get paid 30 years later
Take your pr shill and enter reality.
Bob's was always a shithole, NYC will be better off without that joke of a store.

Kenny Sanders

Anonymous said...

Damn,a little bitter, are we?

Yeah, we got paid, of course, otherwise why would I mention it?

Waiting to get paid 30 years later? Sounds like your friends might lack the perserverance necessary to make it in the music biz. (Also, bands that suck tend to be universally disrespected.)

glamma said...

good luck bob!!

to the haters, would you rather have a f*cking nother CVS???