Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cleaning out the second half of the former Life Cafe

As these photos by EVG regular Steve Carter show, there's activity inside part of the former Life Cafe on East 10th Street at Avenue B this morning ... workers are, presumably, removing the remains of the Cafe that closed Sept. 11, 2011...

The 10th Street outpost of 9th Street Espresso had been planning on expanding from next door into this space... and adding three beers on tap... for a cafe with an 11 p.m. closing time, per DNAinfo.

It looks as if this plans are finally moving forward.

Meanwhile, in the other part of Life Cafe, Maiden Lane hopes to launch a lunch service by the end of the week, as we reported Monday.

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glamma said...

gut wrenching

Anonymous said...

Kathy said since 2008 she was trying to make the renaissance of Life Cafe "happen but the two landlords obstructed my every move." It's ironic that Bob Perl keeps claiming that he tried to save Life Cafe, when this statment is pretty clear he didn't. It is also ironic that as fast as Kathy closed up shop 9th Street espresso was ready to take the spot with a liquor license to boot. Thanks for nothing.

Anonymous said...

These two spaces will be side by sideYuppie wine bars. Just as planned. Jerkoffs. Perl owns like half of the block.