Monday, April 8, 2013

Reader report: Former Rawvolution space will be real-estate management office

Rawvolution, the raw vegan cafe/retail store on East 12th Street, closed last December "for renovations."

Of course, they are not coming back... workers have been renovating the space these last six or so weeks. A tipster on the block said that the storefront will be "a management office for the building."

This is one of the 28-29 buildings that Jared Kushner's Kushner Companies bought up in the East Village in recent months... Per the tipster: "Maybe it will be the central office for all of Mr. Ivanka Trump's East Village real estate holdings." More specifically, the reader understands that this will be an office for Westminster Management, a division of Kushner Companies.


Jill said...

And they got a Stop Work Order on Saturday, which they promptly removed from the door. No Work Order was ever posted originally.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they have been working on weekends without a permit.

Anonymous said...

I live next door, while the idea of these guys taking over the East Village scares me, I am relieved another restaurant didn't move into the space. It should have never been zoned for restaurant use. For starters, there is no way to properly run a kitchen exhaust duct up to the roof. Well, there probably is, but none of the previous inhabitants ever bothered to do it.