Monday, April 7, 2014

More eggsciting hawk news from the Christodora House

So much coming and going the past few days up at the hawk nest on the 7th floor of the Christodora House on Avenue B and East Ninth Street …

The big news though, via Goggla, is that there are now two eggs in the nest…

[Photo by Francois Portmann]

Check out Goggla's recent posts here … and here … and here for more on this mating/nesting action.

And find more nest cam shots from Francois right here.

Top photos by Bobby Williams

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I'm sorry about that headline.


pinhead said...

I love the photos, but I do not accept the apology for that headline. #SoftBoiled

Anonymous said...

you are correct, pinhead - it s/b 'eggsiting'.

great news, either way!


Anonymous said...

> nest cam shots from Francois

if possible, move the cam down a bit to get rid of the distortion?

pretty freakin' cool, regardless!


Unknown said...


EV Grieve said...

@ pinhead

: (

You made me frowny face!

pinhead said...

@EV Grieve

Sorry, not my intent! But perhaps the intern that wrote that headline could use some coaching.