Friday, September 26, 2014

1 reason to eat at Chipotle on St. Mark's Place this evening

Info. via the Arts For All Facebook page ...

Between 5:30 and 8:30, Chipotle St. Mark's (19 St. Mark's Place) will donate 50% of your purchase to Arts For All if you mention us at the register and show them this flyer.

Arts For All is an NYC-based non-profit that provides arts outreach to in-need children.


Anonymous said...

This pretending to be "charitable" is like selling indulgences: you pay the wealthy church for membership and relieve yourself of the burden of the sin; and it comes straight from the price-gouged consumers/customers.

Anonymous said...

Like Chipotole but this kind of "giving" reminds me of Santa-con: BUT BUT BUT CHARITY!!! Whatevs.

Anonymous said...

Nice try.

Giovanni said...

Charity my non-GMO burrito-stuffed ass, they already HAVE all the money in the world to give away, but nooooooo, they want their customers to feel guilty if they don't eat a 2000 calorie burrito for poor and disadvantaged children.

Meanwhile they are so understaffed that employees are locking down stores and waking out due to the poor factory style work conditions. via Huffington Post:

A Chipotle near Pennsylvania State University shut down on Wednesday after managers reportedly quit over brutal work hours and understaffing.

A sign posted on the door to the eatery said that most employees resigned in protest of their "borderline sweatshop conditions." Below the message read: “People > profits.”

“Ask our corporate offices why their employees are forced to work in borderline sweatshop conditions,” the sign read. “Almost the entire management and crew have resigned.”

OK, now shove that burrito down your throat and no one gets hurt!

blue glass said...

i sure am tired of "rewards" for giving campaigns.
cancer care gave key chains, and plaques. do they still?
world wildlife gave stationery (nice but not necessary).
and everyone sent weekly/monthly thanks and pleas to those that give.
all of this certainly turned me off.

Anonymous said...

To see the glass half full... This will bring awareness to a good cause that most (including myself) have not head of before, will show Chipolte that their customers give a sh*t about others in need, this may help big companies like Chip.. to decide which non profits are important to the local community. There is nothing to lose by gong tonight if you like to eat at Chipolte. The only weird thing is the show us your cell phone thing?

East Village Today said...

People should support their local restaurants! I'll be there. I eat there a lot, and if my money goes to a good cause, all the better!

Anonymous said...

How is Chipotle a local restaurant? It's a chain headquartered in Denver, CO. Such is the nature of East Village Today; it's full of chains that the East Villagers of today consider chains are local.

Anonymous said...

They say they will donate 50%, but how does one know that they will.

Yes, of course, it brings awareness to the cause, much like SantaCon is bringing awareness to New York City' Hunger.

"You have nothing to lose". You lose the $10+ you would've spent somewhere else that you now spent because of the "cause". More importantly, you lose your perspicacity.

Anonymous said...

A restaurant decides to give something back for charity and as is typical for this site, cynical commenters find someway to criticize.

Is this where people came to air their grievances about any and everything? Is that what the grieve in evgrieve is for? If so, ok I guess but I save it for Festivus. Kudos to Chipotle for doing something.

Anonymous said...

I have never, ever eaten at a Chipotole.
That said; Geeze! What a bunch of fukin' whiners.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Support your local restaurants. They are more endangered than the need for in-need kids to scribble some art. What about in-need kids supplied with insider trading information so they can become the new elite and not have to move out of the neighborhood?

Anonymous said...

I think the food at Chipotle is quite good and fresh, although I have not been there in a while.

At least they are giving something to charity. Let's not only look at the negative.

- East Villager

randall said...

@anon 12:01, I think that is a great idea. Let's supply them with an Etrade account or something similar and give them some inside information, maybe chipotle can give them each a couple of shares of stock valued today at $659, sadly down for the day so far, and then let them have at it.
This is probably a no lose for chipotle, they drive in business and then write off their charitable donation. Yes, it is great that they are giving, when others are not, but it's not a selfless act, it's marketing. They can give to charity anytime they want. What would really be charitable would be if they gave some of these charities 10 shares of stock of their probably overvalued stock rather than something that will probably just go to the charity's operating costs. Cynical, yes, but that's the world we live in.