Thursday, September 25, 2014

Construction gets loud at 277 E. 7th St., but for different reasons

During the seemingly never-ending construction of the six-floor, six-unit residence rising from a former parking lot at 277 E. Seventh St. near Avenue D, we've heard a fair share of grumbling from neighbors.

Such as!

This construction is unreal. They start LOUD at exactly 7 am every day. I'm not sure what exactly they're doing that takes so long with such little progress.

I think they might actually be building their own powertools to use.


The worst of the noise (yelling, banging, throwing things off high floors) starts right at 7am and lasts until 8:30 or so. The rest of the day, the guys are mostly looking at their cell phones.

Construction achieved a new milestone yesterday. A neighbor reported that the workers were blasting music from inside the under-contruction building... when they weren't texting or talking on the phone.


nygrump said...

do you see now why everyone wants to come to the USA? You get paid for standing around and staring at your pod device

Anonymous said...

Same with the new construction work that started this week on 11th st.

Jackhammering, cutting steel, yelling from 730 or 8 until 9am, and then not a peep all the rest of the day.

Anonymous said...

I live next to this construction site enjoy watching it go up everyday it was an empty lot before now almost complete it offers a clean modern design similar to the flower box building a few doors down. Construction by its nature is not quiet like a church mouse. Early raising of frame structure and piles later the interior work less so.I watch these workers and say Hurrah for the jobs good honest blue collar work with dignity. This city needs as much housing of all types it can build. One hundred year old plus five story tenements with sagging and crooked staircases and mechanical issues have had their life cycle for the most part.