Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jimmy McMillan wants to wear his karate uniform for an upcoming gubernatorial debate

[Photo from February 2013 by James Maher]

Catching up to this piece in The Wall Street Journal Saturday on St. Mark's Place resident Jimmy McMillan of the Rent is 2 Damn High Party.

He plans on running for governor again, though it hasn't been easy.

It's not clear whether Mr. McMillan will be on the ballot come November. His petitions have been challenged by Mike Welch, a Schenectady science teacher who alleges Mr. McMillan photocopied signatures to meet the 15,000 required for a spot on the ballot. Mr. McMillan says Mr. Welch didn't follow proper procedures filing his objection. The Board of Elections is expected to rule [this] week.


He's already selected an outfit if he is included in a coming debate — his karate uniform. And he sees no need to go out campaigning.

His most convincing campaign literature, he tells people, is their rent receipt: "If you can't see that your rent is too damn high, don't pay me no mind."

You can read the Journal article here. (Subscription may be necessary.)


nygrump said...

This guy has no plan, nothing other than a slogan and ridiculous facial hair. I'm running for governor on the AntiSpitting on the Sidewalk party. We may be called anti-immigrant but I see people from all walks of life spitting on the sidewalks where our children run and frolic and our feet track their phlegm into our apartments. Its the only issue that really matters. After the epidemic of 1918 they put up signs to tell people not to spit on subway platforms, I guess that is common sense long gone. This is the mainstream media's idea of opposing viewpoints.

Anonymous said...

Such a clown. I've had a chance to see him speak and ask him a few questions... it was a complete joke.

How does he afford to run for office?

Anonymous said...

He's an incredibly nice guy - to nygrump and anonymous 4:47, if you don't agree with his platform, don't vote for him - easy as that. I won't be rushing to cast my ballot in is favor but I'm not going to cast hate on the man for doing his thing. Be positive people :)

Anonymous said...

He affords to run for office with all the money he's saving on rent. Contrary to popular belief, this guy isn't paying "too damn high" market rent.

les native said...

I love yhis fuckin guy, I would vote for him given the chance

Unknown said...

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