Monday, September 22, 2014

Full reveal now at 31-33 Second Ave.

The plywood came down from the new retail space at 31-33 Second Ave. late last week … showing off the full exterior of Ben Shaoul's new residential building here just south of East Second Street.

As BoweryBoogie pointed out, a Petco-branded store is set for the retail space. (The rendering showed Petco signage.)

Per previous reports, workers remodeled the existing commercial space on the ground floor ... remodeled the existing apartments on the 2nd and 3rd floors ... and added three floors on top of the existing building. Each floor will contain two apartments, according to DOB documents.

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Ben Shaoul planning a 3-story addition at 31-33 Second Ave.


Anonymous said...

Can someone please pass a law banning non red bricks in the EV?

Gojira said...

My God, that is


Enough with the imagination-free hacks architecture schools churning out these days!

Giovanni said...

Sorry, that building is so boring I dozed off while scrolling down to the second picture. Where were we? Oh. Another building where the front looks like the back part of the building that no one is supposed to see. Another Ben Shaoul special brought to you by the architectural firm of Boring & Snoring.

Anonymous said...

Ugly as sin. Looks like a Dept of Corrections horror. Gloom and heavy, architectural pollution