Sunday, September 28, 2014

Week in Grieview

[Photo Wednesday of Matthew Silver at Astor Place by Derek Berg]

50,000 square feet of condos coming to the former 2nd Avenue BP station (Wednesday)

Houston Street Beer Distributors on East Second Street primed for development (Friday)

"Misinformation" cited as DOB issues Stop Work Order at the former PS 64 (Wednesday)

Torah ark from East Village synagogue finds new home on Wall Street (Thursday)

Avenue A and East Houston shaping up (Monday)

Davey drill arrives ahead of rumored development at former East 14th Street post office (Thursday)

Out and About with Michael "Mikey" Cole (Wednesday)

23-floor building in the works for the former Bowlmor Lanes (Monday)

About cyclists who run lights (Wednesday, 42 comments)

The Cock moving to the Idle Hands space (Friday)

TREE CAT (Wednesday)

M & J Asian Cuisine coming to 14th and B (Monday)

Take a peek at the latest peephole dioramas on Avenue C (Friday)

Ellen Turrietta, the movie (Tuesday)


Jimmy McMillan plans on running for governor (Tuesday)

Exciting new business opens on University Place (Tuesday)

154 Second Ave. comes into full view (Tuesday)

Gut renovations enter 16th month at 338 E. Sixth St., where 1 tenant remains (Wednesday)

Former St. Mark's Bookshop for lease (Wednesday)

5 years later, Os Gêmeos returning to the Houston/Bowery Mural Wall (Thursday)

Laundromat replaces laundromat on Avenue B (Wednesday)


Crazy Eddie said...

BTW, the blog has totally (and justifiable) eviscerated this flyover state, 40(?)something, DB bum. Anyone got any eggs? ART!ART!ART!ART!ART! ART!ART!ART!ART!ART!ART!ART!ART!ART!ART!ART!ART! ART!ART!ART!ART!ART!ART!ART!

Jill said...

What is happening in that photo?

derek berg said...

Jill, I don't know what's happening and I took that photo.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, is there anyway I can un-see that picture?
Thank you.

Giovanni said...

The only way to un-see this moronic street performer would be to get a full-frontal lobotomy, which he apparently already has. He regularly performs in Union Square and Washington Sq., shocking tourists and young children alike with his bizarre antics. He basically screams, makes faces and humps lamp posts, wearing only his undies, red socks, sneakers and knee pads.

He is basically like the faux-homeless redhead model/performance artist Ellen Turrietta without the entourage, makeup and film crew. If I had nightmares I'm certian he woud be in them. When you see him, and you will, please do not encourage him in any way, it only makes him act out in even more bizarre and terrifying ways.

Anonymous said...

Giovanni, go take along bath and a clonipin. The world is more beautiful when you don't take it so seriously.