Friday, September 26, 2014

October CB3/SLA highlights: The International and The Cock on the move

[EVG file photo of the International]

CB3 released the SLA licensing committee docket yesterday … there will be two meetings this month — Oct. 6 and Oct. 20. We'll look at the whole agenda (only 21 items in total) in another post.

For the time being, we'll note two bars on the move.

First there's The International, whose owner Molly Fitch is eyeing the vacant space next door that previously housed South Brooklyn Pizza Co. We first reported this last Thursday. You can find out what's in store for 122 First Ave. here. (This item will be heard on Oct. 20.)

Meanwhile, The Cock appears to be leaving its Second Avenue home for Avenue B … specifically 25 Avenue B, according to paperwork at CB3. (The item is set for Oct. 6.)

No. 25 near East Second Street is currently home to Idle Hands. No word on what might become of Idle Hands.

You may find the full agenda here.

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The International eyeing move next door to the former South Brooklyn Pizza space


John said...

On no, don't put The Cock in Idle Hands.

Ronnie said...

mmm, relocating The Cock right across the street from the NYU/frat boy clubhouse Croxley's... I hope all the boys can play nice together! Although there is a little karmic play installing The Cock into the space that way back in the day housed Save the Robots. I'll enjoy having The Cock on my block!