Thursday, September 25, 2014



Spotted along Avenue A yesterday.



Anonymous said...

Why isn't this obnoxious spammer fined for each post and required to take them all down? It's just more visual pollution.

- East Villager

Anonymous said...

I prefer these almost entertaining posters over the daily locksmith business cards stuck to my building.

Anonymous said...

By absolutely littering the neighborhood with literally hundreds of these idiotiic posters, this jerk is doing his best to ruin the whole generally pleasant and old-school aspect of postering by small business people and people with emergencies that still manages to exist in the EV. He covers the legitimate guys trying to make a living, the painters, carpenters, plasterers, van-drivers, dog-walkers, etc., not to mention folks in crisis with lost dogs, missing persons, and so on, with these moronic posters. He must have nothing else to do as they appear by the hundreds every third day or so. Or perhaps it is a team engaged in some sort of "project". Whatever.
I absolutely never miss an opportunity to tear down as many as possible, right into the garbage where they belong!

EVGirl1986 said...

Dan Smith Will Teach You Guitar must be seething with rage over this flyer turf war. Someone should tell this guy about Tinder. Pick people who have a dog in their profile photo and he takes care of both the girlfriend and the dog in one shot.

Anonymous said...

So we need a supervisor of lamp pole fliers now? Freedom of speech is limited to "legit" and "approved" small businesses?

Anonymous said...

Much like the bicycle thread elsewhere on this blog, there is a certain unspoken set of rules when it comes to shared space, whether it is lampposts or walkways, that intelligent and decent people understand, and which allows people to get along respectfully in a crowded city. The moron racing his bicycle along at 40 mph with pedestrians around doesn't get it, nor does this one, littering up our neighborhood as a pastime for lack of anything better to do.
They ruin it for everyone else.
The one who ran over the pedestrian was at least investigated by the police; how about this vandal, who even includes a phone number?

Anonymous said...

I Friend of mine in San Francisco spotted these on the streets there. There is more to this than meets the eye...

Anonymous said...

How on earth does this guy's posters on lamp post mostly deprive others of anything? I see people ripping down this type of posters and putting up their posters in their place. Never seen one on private property, they are not pasted on like those asshole paper Ben Franklins "art" pieces which are everywhere and damage a buildings paint job or brickwork.

Anonymous said...

They're funny.
They're mysterious.
They get our community talking.
I like weirdos like this guy.
Doesn't the EV miss the weirdos?

Go to Williamsburg or Bushwick where all the creative people are hanging out and there's hundreds of signs like these on the lamp posts.

Before you complain, take a deep breath and relax... it's going to be okay.

Anonymous said...

The barometer of how NYC has changed is the prissy responses to street posts. If it's under glass signage, advertising Barkbox for example, then it's all good, but if someone wants to play a mystery prank or just create a mystery, then every doobie clean-city freak goes nuts.

Oh for the days of SAMO!

moe said...

Seeing this guys ugly face 6 times every 25 feet on Ave A is just plain obnoxious. I don't care if it is some Junior High School art project or some loser looking to generate buzz, I don't make you look at my asshole every time you open your front door, so don't do it to me.
No not the end of the world, just some visual vomit to add to the actual vomit that increasingly decorates our upscale neighborhood.

PS yes I am really prissy, only down here close to 30 years now.

Crazy Eddie said...

"Go to Williamsburg or Bushwick where all the creative people are hanging out "

Now this is pretty fucking funny. Thanks, made my day.

Anonymous said...

Please go away.

Anonymous said...

@4:01pm: You are missing the point. Barkbox PAYS for their ADVERTISING to be displayed there ("under glass" as you put it). This guy does not.

Anonymous said...

Dan has posted 15,000 fliers so far but still hasn't met the right girl. Even WPIX and CNN is covering the story. Wish him luck so at least we won't have to keep seeing all these fliers!

New York, NY (CNN) – An NYC artist is posting thousands fliers across the city calling for a girlfriend — and it appears to be working.

Armed with a thick stack of fliers bearing his face and a roll of masking tape, Dan Perino tacks up his ads wherever he can. He’s posted 15,000 fliers so far.

At 3 cents each, that’s a $450 investment in his love life.

Perino said it’s worth every penny to fulfill the goal he came up with on a whim.

“One day, I just woke up and thought, ‘I’m going to post fliers looking for a girlfriend,'” he said.

His criteria?

“She doesn’t have to be a raging beauty,” he said.

But she does have to want children. Perino has been married before and has a child, but he wants another.

He’s gone on 65 dates so far and while none have proved to be “the one,” he’s holding out hope.

And it’s not entirely misguided, according to one expert.

“It’s almost like a match made in heaven – the person who hands out the fliers with the woman who responds to the person who hands out the fliers. Being yourself is a really key point in dating and he was doing that,” dating coach Israel Irenstein said.

The unconventional search for love isn’t all rosy, though.

Posting fliers on public property comes with a $75 fine, according to the Department of Sanitation.

If Perino were fined for all 15,000 fliers he’s hung up, that total a $1.1 million potential fine.

PIX11 News asked the city if they would penalize Perino and a spokesperson said if they see a flier on public property, they will take it down and fine the poster. But it looks like New Yorkers are pulling down Perino’s fliers before the Sanitation Department can get to them.

Anonymous said...

And your comment, 4:01pm, isn't Prissy.

To those who comment with "If you like/don't like ________, then move to_______", well, if you don't like this blog or the comments in this blog, then go to tumblr, Buzzfeed, Pinterest... and find yourself some inane list and pictures of cat.