Friday, September 19, 2014

[UPDATED] Report: Man struck by car on Cooper Square 'clinging to life'

The collison happened last night at 11:45 on East Fifth Street and Cooper Square, the Post reports.

There's not much information at the time. The victim is in critical condition at Bellevue. The Post notes that the driver remained at the scene, where "it was not immediately clear who had the right of way."


Nevermind. This story was from March. We didn't carefully look at the date after a reader sent the link to us today. Our apologies.

Does anyone happen to know whatever happened to the pedestrian?


Anonymous said...

The date on this NY Post article is March 26, 2014, at least on my computer.

Giovanni said...

This is near to where Lisa Julian a/k/a/ Spike was struck and killed by an SUV last March. It is a very dangerous stretch of road from St. Marks Place down to the bend and 4th Avenue merge on the Bowery. I hope we don't see the same kinds of callous posts this time as we do whenever someone gets hit or killed by a car. Whoever was in the accident is someones son or brother, our thoughts should be with him. Time for some more traffic calming in the area, no matter what the circumstances.

Lisa Julian Killed by SUV

Anonymous said...

That's a terrible intersection, made only more confusing by all the construction.

Anonymous said...

It's really not that dangerous of an intersection, come on now.

Anonymous said...

It is dangerous, with a lot of speeding and limited visibility / crossing options during widespread construction currently. I walk through that area twice a day and dread it.

Scuba Diva said...

The Cooper Square area is dangerous for pedestrians because the side streets are relatively quiet, whereas Cooper Square itself has wild traffic, complicated by ongoing construction and little traffic islands.

I was hit on 7th street in 1981 by an inexperienced driver driving his father's car. Not for the faint of heart.

moe said...

That is a legitimately hairy spot. It is one of the few spots in Manhattan that I will always stop, wait for the light, etc., rather than wiseguy my way across as I generally do everywhere else. Another one is right up the block at St.Marks and 3rd. Let's see, if we add in Canal at Manhattan Bridge, that is about it for my law-abiding street crossings in this boro.
There might be a couple worthy of respect in the TimesSquare region but I avoid that whole area so assiduously it might as well be on the dark side of the moon.