Friday, September 19, 2014

GG's, bringing pizza from the backyard to your table on East 5th Street

[Photo from early September via EVG reader Sal]

GG's is now in soft-open mode at 511 E. Fifth St. Goat Town owner Nick Morgenstern revamped the space here between Avenue A and Avenue B officially opens this weekend.

Eater got a sneak preview.

The menu is more relaxed than Goat Town's, with a strong emphasis on pizza, and some ingredients still coming from the backyard. Pies include the "Ev Greenery", which is topped with greens, lamb chorizo, sauce vert, grano padano, cherry tomatoes and pickled red onion. There is also a clam pie with three varieties of bivalves on it and a pie topped with morcilla and ricotta. Slices of two pies are available daily for around $4 at lunch.

Head over to Eater for shots of the interior and the menus.

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Anonymous said...

$4 slices c'mon son

Anonymous said...

Return to the suburbs with your "backyard" pizza.