Friday, September 19, 2014

Nino's is back open

The 27-year-old pizzeria on Avenue A and St. Mark's Place reopened today after two bouts with the health department in the past month.

Per a report by DNAinfo's Lisha Arino:

Owner Nino Camaj, however, denied most of the allegations. He said there were no mice in the restaurant and that the inspector overstated the number of flies observed.

“This place is the cleanest place in New York City. I tell the truth,” said Camaj, who has owned the pizzeria for 27 years.

Camaj said there were only two or three flies in the pizzeria when the inspector visited Monday and that they came from Tompkins Square Park across the street.

“Every time the door opens, you see a fly come in and out,” he said.

Anyway, we stopped by for a slice today … and found it to be as good as always…


Makeout said...

Hey Grieve- I think you got a fly in your teeth. Or is that just a peppercorn?

Anonymous said...

Worked at a pizza joint about 25 years ago. Health department had issues with flies. Owner installs screen door, fire Marshall says its a violation. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

That scheming savior of bistro is eyeing that corner. In bed with the DOH.

Anonymous said...

I love their pizza.