Monday, September 22, 2014


Hey, the Ricky's Halloween pop-up shop is now open in the Shoppes of Red Square along East Houston…

As the sign promises, there is a large selection for just about everyone (what is the difference between an infant and a toddler?) … except maybe pets.

We'll be back for a comprehensive review of the costumes, especially the sexy ones. (Or are they sexy plus couples?)

Of course, we have been browsing the Ricky's Halloween costume superstore website… where, for example, the Adult Lady Gaga 2009 VA White Performance Costume has been slashed from $69.99 to $9.91…


Barbara L. Hanson said...

Infants don't walk; toddlers do. Fervently hoping that regular Ricky's follows popup. Great local chain.

9:55 a.m. said...

How much for a Lady Gaga circa 2014?

Do they have a Ben Shaoul or Steve Croman costume/mask? 'cause that'd be terrifying.

And to quote from Mean Girls: "Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it."
or in other words, just another night or weekend in the East Village.

Good morning.

Anonymous said...

Costumes for everyone:

Guys -- doctor
Girls -- sexy nurse

Guys -- firefighter
Girls -- sexy firefighter

Guys -- football player
Girls -- sexy cheerleader

Guys -- astronaut
Girls -- sexy astronaut

Guys -- Frankenstein
Girls -- sexy Frankenstein

Guys -- vampire
Girls -- sexy vampire


Who is that?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:12 - Woooo!

Giovanni said...

@THE NOTORIOUS L.I.B.E.R.A.T.I.O.N.: I think that's got to be one of the many celebutards that had their hacked iCloud naked selfies posted on reddit and 4chan this weekend.

Anyway, all the Ray Rice wife beater jerseys are already sold out, but Ricky's promised that the NFL child-whipping switches will be back in stock real soon. And after we are done with Slut-o-ween it's on to my favorite parade of the year, SantaCon.

Anonymous said...

Sexy Frankenstein is such a turn-on!

Anonymous said...

I just discovered that the Ricky's in Chelsea sells vibrating bullets that go in the strangest place and special bracelets for a guy's ram-a-lama! Will the selection of these whatnots at this new Ricky's be similarly comprehensive? Can someone call someone and enquire?

Anonymous said...

Rickys derelicts leave carmine street store location empty, and in disarray for an entire year since oct halloween 2013