Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Media relations, Lou Reed style

Dangerous Minds uncovered some uncut video footage of a 1975 interview between a cranky Lou Reed and trying-too-hard Australian journalist Stephen MacLean.

The interview does not go well.

LR: Don’t believe what you read.
I: No, I don’t.
LR: Don’t believe what you see.
I: Is it true that you wrote Sally Can’t Dance in the studio?
LR: If I say so, I guess….
I: But did you?
LR: I wasn’t there!
I: You were there.
LR: No I wasn’t. Dougie [Yule] did it.
I: Are you happier as a brunet?
LR: Ahh…. are you happier as a schmuck?
I: I’m no schmuck.
LR: I’m no brunet.


Anonymous said...

Ah, youth.

Anonymous said...

11:17 totally!

Anonymous said...

this guy is hilarious! the fawning media is over the top.


Pamie said...

Lou was both a brunet AND a schmuck.

Anonymous said...

Too bad they couldn't have talked to him when he was nodded out. He'd have been more interesting.

Anonymous said...

This is a gem of footage, I miss Lou :(

- wonder how much is, acting, drugs, drug cravings, or just difficult Lou?

Reminds me a little of some Bob Dylan press interviews from Don't Look Back.

Seems around the time he was lost in Metal Machine Music, I never have listened to that.

It's funny to hear how he characterizes Berlin - his masterpiece :)