Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Reader mailbag: What's going on with the former Mary Help of Christians property?

An EVG reader asks, "Do you have an update on the Mary Help of Christians property?"

Not really! Developer Douglas Steiner still awaits city approval for his retail-residential complex at the now-empty lot. The city last disapproved plans here in June, according to DOB records.

During the summer of 2013, workers demolished the church, school and rectory on the Mary Help of Christians lot on Avenue A between East 12th Street and East 11th Street. As for the new 438 E. 12th St., there will be 158 residential units… and maybe a rooftop pool. Some day, probably.

Enjoy the lot. It will soon look like this.

Photos last week by Bobby Williams

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blue glass said...

when is manhattan going to sink under the weight of all these new giant buildings?
isn't there a point where the critical mass of people will totally destroy the city?

Anonymous said...

Good thing they were in a hurry to tear it down...

Anonymous said...

Let's see new construction presently going on in 2 blocks of my home, 13th street A-B, six story condo in progress for 2 years, 12th at Ave B, seven story rental building on and off for 2 years not with just 2 stories of concrete poured. 11th street A-B, seven story apartment building for recovering addicts and people with mental illness, built in one year soon finished, has possible controversial entrance to children playground built into the building. Proposed public bathroom?
Mega complex on 14th street between A-B, leveled now anyone's guess when the noise and construction will begin. Ave A between 11th and 12th streets. Singer buildings on a massive lot, plans not approved apparently although I suspect construction once stared will be rapid. Yes that is all within 2 blocks of me.

Anonymous said...

blue glass, Manhattan won't sink. A building might, but not Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

Love what they did with the space.

Anonymous said...

Blue Glass -- I've wondered that myself...but all of us people and buildings rest on Manhattan schist, which is a super-strong foundation!

Gojira said...

@Anon. 10:57 - and don't forget the luxury condo tower - 14 stories, was it? - that will be going in on 12th and C, with a fine view of the Con Ed plant. It may be a block out of your radius but it'll be just one more area to avoid while it's under construction, and probably after, too, if we're being honest.

Jill said...

The construction is the least of our worries. Imagine what it is going be like with around 1000 more residents in this area, where there haven't been residences in our lifetime. 12th & A was a church; 14th & A east was stores; 14th & A west was a post office; 14th & C was R&S Strauss.