Monday, September 29, 2014

A Davey Drill and a dream

Last Thursday, we noted the arrival of a Davey Drill outside the former Peter Stuyvesant Post Office branch on East 14th Street.

As the above photo shows, the drill is now across the street … doing a little soil sampling in a new spot.

EVG reader stickmanpk, who took the photo, offered some wishful L train thinking.

"Could they actually be thinking about adding a second entrance for the subway at Avenue A in anticipation of the 2,000 new residents we’ll see with the coming developments? Hey, you’ve gotta have a dream…"

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New 7-floor buildings for East 14th Street include 150 residential units

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Anonymous said...

This could be possible and it would be a welcome change for once in a long time.

Anonymous said...

It's insane that there is not already a second entrance to that L stop as most of the stations in Brooklyn have entrances at both ends. The crowding at the station is so bad near the one entrance, and you can see daylight from the end down toward ave A/B (is a subway train longer than an avenue block?). Plus, it would make the L train a lot closer to much of the neighborhood east of First Ave. Those new developments should have to pay for it though..

Anonymous said...

Think about what east of 1st avenue looked like when the L train was created. Sty-Town was not there and the entrance on 1st ave handled the traffic quite well. I would welcome an extended L train platform here.

Anonymous said...

And that 2,000 is on TOP of the 30,000 students, er, residents of Stuy Town!

Scuba Diva said...

Don't worry; the additional 2,000 residents wouldn't be caught dead in the subway. It's Uber or limo for them.

When I first took the L train in 1980, I was repeatedly warned never to go east of 1st avenue—or preferably 2nd—and I took this advice for several years.

In the mid-80s, I asked a friend of mine who lived in Hell's Kitchen if she wanted to go to the Life Cafe, and she replied a little snottily, "I just have no reason to go over there."

"Suit yourself," I said.

Anonymous said...

When does NYU buy Stuy Dorm anyway?