Monday, September 22, 2014

Avenue A and East Houston intersection shaping up, pretty much

[Photo of Houston and A from July by Maggie Wrigley]

After nearly four decades years of construction and confusion and chaos (and what not), you could actually say that there's progress to note at Avenue A with the East Houston Reconstruction Project.

See — less confusion and chaos. You can see the streets! And new curbs!

An aside, does anyone know how to get to the hospital… oh, forget it!

Anyway …

And via Twitter, EVG reader Mike Brown reminded us of the new Greenstreets and street configurations on these corners…

[Click on images to enlarge]

No sign of a cab stand in these designs.

The East Houston Reconstruction Project is now scheduled (PDF!) to be completed by mid-2016, according to the latest city estimates.

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8:57 a.m. said...

But is there an app to get around here?

There's a hospital around here? I thought Bloomberg turned them all into condos.

IzF said...

We need some of your arrows to get the full picture EV!

EV Arrow said...

Now I get to say I told you so EV!

Mark Hand The Catchman said...

Aren't the black 'bendy' arrows enough?

Anonymous said...

Punjabi is so screwed. :( Nowhere for cabbies to pull over and grab a samosa.

They'll move on to the place at Crosby between Houston and Prince (another taxi Indian food pop-in).