Friday, November 10, 2017

At the Scream Helplessly at the Sky event in Washington Square Park

Photos and text D. Task Efram

On Wednesday evening at Washington Square Park's new Ai Weiwei "Good Fences Make Good Neighbors" sculpture, many resistors joined in the Scream Helplessly at the Sky event (one of many taking place nationwide), in dishonor of the one-year anniversary of the president and administration.

There was an air of satisfaction as nearly 150 people chanted, danced and screamed upward in a primal scream, hoping to alleviate the year's worth of destructive administration actions, media and science censorship, predatory denial and encouragement. Many found great relief in joining with their fellow humans in a primal action as well as to celebrate some long-awaited positive resistance voting from Tuesday's elections.

There were approximately 10 disruptors who were pleased to give support to the current administration as well as throw shade on the RefuseFascism ralliers. Many actively disrupted and screamed at peaceful participants; anxiously sharing their facetious claims to any camera or microphone pointed in their general direction.

King Trump (played by the ubiquitous puppeteer/activist Elliot Crown) made an appearance. Dressed in a tattered suit, The King seemed to be in no condition to stand and defend himself.


Anonymous said...

Trump sucks. Still can't believe this is real life. Forget the collusion, the obstruction, the money laundering, the GOP dick-sucking, the moron demonspawn children, etc etc etc. I simply hate Trump because of his low intelligence and his assault on the English language anytime he opens his mouth or thumb types on his smartphone while shitting. I don't believe we as Americans deserve all that much, but we deserve better than some seventh grade-level intelligence sitting at the helm.

Anonymous said...

Seriously. At least the liberal Trump, Obama, came in at the 8th grade level.

Though it's disingenuous to lay the destruction of the English language at Drumpf's feet. The high-IQ sociopaths responsible for Political Correctness got a jump start on that a long time ago.

Giovanni said...

I’ll bet you 10 bucks that half of these people didn’t bother to vote. I’ll bet 20 bucks if they did they voted for either Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein, not realizing that the Russians were backing them against in Hillary. I’ll bet you 1 million bucks that they hav no idea that the billionaires are in total control now and that no amount of screaming in the dark will make a bit of difference.

Anonymous said...

Last Tuesday I fell out of bed at 5:50am, put on my in-and-out clothes, washed my face and combed my hair, left my place at 5:55am, stepped outside into the calm, quiet dark, arrived at my polling place a block away at 6am, went up to the correct voting table, said who I was, signed the voting book handed to me, received a ballot, went to a voting cubicle, filled all the dots for Democrats black, went to the ballot scanning machine, put it in the machine, got a beep confirming my ballot was cast, received an "I Voted" sticker from a cheerful pollworker who thanked me for voting, headed back home, got home by 6:15am, got back into just my boxers, and went back to bed as I always take off Election Day.

Cost to do this: $0/ZERO/NOTHING/NADA.

Anonymous said...

The problem is NYC is one party rule. We need an alternative to vote for. These people can scream all they want. NYC always goes all Democrat so the GOP will cut housing and transit with no punishment. The Dems can pretend to care but really don't because you always vote for them no matter what. This is how a mayor gets re-elected in an election with 20 percent turnout. He got two thirds of the vote so 13-14% of registered voters showed up and voted for him. He calls this a mandate and thinks he can run for President or something. Why should he change anything? Its sad and pathetic. Why isn't there a viable alternative?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, D. Task! Next time be sure to capture audio of The Scream.

Anonymous said...

Why? Because 80% of the city doesn't turn out to vote and progressive millionaires/billionaires who are the ones most likely to be able to self-fund and not be beholden to a party, lobbyists etc. from that wealth a la Bloomberg just don't want to run for mayor.

Two-thirds of who voted for him including myself is his mandate. The rest of you can STFU about NYC when you don't vote. VOTE and if enough of you do, no party can take the people of NYC for granted.