Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Documentary filmmaker looking for archival photos-footage of Ray's Candy Store

A local filmmaker is working on a documentary about Ray and Ray's Candy Store. He’s looking for older photos or footage of Ray and the store on Avenue A near Seventh Street ... like the one above from the late 1970s by Michael Sean Edwards.

Here's the contact info:


Anonymous said...

May NYPL archives. I remember when there was a full-sized phone booth -- one where you close the glass door and can sit down. But that was before Ray took it over.

Stools too.

chris flash said...

At 31 Chambers Street, they can purchase tax photos from 1940 + 1980 of the front of Ray's building. I believe they cost $10 each....

dmbream said...

Good one, Chris.

Just fished up the shot from 1980 on the online browser and, of course, there was a trucked parked out front blocking the facade!