Friday, November 3, 2017

Everyone's favorite 14th Street triplex with a garage door for a wall is back on the market

[Image via Streeteasy]

Once, again, your favorite floor-through condominium triplex with a fully retractable second floor façade/wall that flips open like a garage door overlooking 14th Street returns to the market here between Second Avenue and Third Avenue.

The home (in the building "Brownstone East Village"), which has been on and off and on the market for years, is again for sale.

Bringing the news is 6sqft:

Among numerous other media mentions, the triplex has been on the cover of New York magazine and was selected as Elle Decor’s Pick of the World’s Most Beautiful Homes.

Adding up to about 2,000 square feet of eclectic architect-designed custom finishes, the home offers ordinary luxuries like an elevator, 12-foot ceilings, a 500-square-foot private garden with a cabana, exposed brick walls, laundry, and a home office and rec room. Joining the retractable walls on the eclectic side is an aquarium that runs the width of the apartment.

Here's one photo...

Price: $4.2 million.

The place looks pretty nice, though everyone always seems to want to sell it.

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Anonymous said...

I can only imagine what the noise is like when the garage door like wall is lifted, buses, ambulances, impatient motorists honking constantly. This place is not for anyone that wants a peaceful existence but an action packed one.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why no one would want an open-air apartment right over this bucolic stretch of 14th Street. The summer scents must be amazing!

Anonymous said...

Air quality = ZERO, noise level = LOSE YOUR MIND. I have never been able to figure out why *anyone* would want to live in this place - and certainly not for $4.2 million!

Once the novelty of opening the living room wall wears off, what makes this place interesting? Nothing that I can see.

This building is an architect's fever dream, but a pointless reality.

Anonymous said...

Mosquitoes. I see that place swarming with them.

marjorie said...

I wasted four minutes of my life watching the video on 6sqft. You've really gotta WORK to make an apartment that sterile! Kudos! The obsession with making things open and close and raise and lower and slide and flip with a touch of a button is unnerving; like, how do we remove all human touches and geniality from a space? There seem to be two beds, both of them Murphy beds that fold into the walls. Which means that when the beds are up, the rooms they're in are empty and tomblike. (The cement floors don't help.) So much chilly white surfacing in the kitchen and the outdoor bar area. And surely the rigidly precise grass and hedges are fake? They're so electric green and perfectly symmetrical. The only humanistic elements are the imperfect brick wall and bit of scrappy stone wall from the original foundation.

It's all so Logan's Run-y.

Anonymous said...

I find it super ugly and uncomfortable looking. Is that AstroTurf in the 'yard'?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just also wasted 4 minutes watching the broker's video; wow, what an industrially-ugly place. It's like some architect decided to try ALL his ideas out in ONE apartment, and this is the loopy result.

I'm not sure what the weirdest feature is, but my vote is for the "cabana". Who needs an outdoor kitchen with an outdoor bar, chandeliers(?!) and a mirror, all surrounded by astroturf? What happens to that outdoor sink in the winter: is it shut off & drained, or is it kept warm by some heating element? I kept wondering if this "garden" was designed while someone was high on something. My impression of the "garden" area was a high-end prison yard with extensive amenities - maybe the kind of thing you'd find at a "Club Fed" prison?

And nobody wants to talk about how you'd ever clean the FISH TANK facing 14th Street, the one that runs the width of the room. But maybe if you can pay that kind of money, you have a "fish tank person" come take care of it for you?

Also don't see any mention of the monthly cost on this place; I'll bet it's a lot.

JQ LLC said...

This apartment is sofa king reed hearted. As in anyone that would buy it.

How could the DOB allow this? These developers are mentally ill.

Screaming Queens Entertainment said...

I do think the open wall would be nice...facing a lush green garden. But noisy 14th Street? Besides, it's so close to the sidewalk that if they ever opened it crowds would gather and stare. I doubt they ever open it al all.