Monday, November 13, 2017

Remembering Elizabeth Lee

Funeral services were held this past Thursday for Elizabeth Lee, a Grace Church School staff member who was reportedly shot dead by a onetime boyfriend as she arrived for work on Cooper Square on Nov. 2.

"Lee-Herman was described as a loving friend and dedicated employee whose involvement in the school started when her own kids attended it," according to Patch.

The Grace Church School paper has more remembrances here.

School administrators also established a trust to help provide for the education and other critical needs, such as medical coverage, of her children, Sasha and Hunter. In less than a week, the crowdfunding campaign has raised more than $116,000.

Lee, who was 56, lived on the Upper East Side. She had just docked a Citi Bike when Vincent Verdi reportedly approached her and shot her twice. He then shot himself in the head. Verdi, 62, was last listed in critical condition at Bellevue.

According to the Daily News, Verdi spent four months stalking and harassing Lee. Police had arrested him previously for stalking, per the News. She had an order of protection barring him from contacting her, which was in place the morning he shot her.

Patch reported that Verdi had not been charged as of Thursday.


Giovanni said...

I guess this crazy stalker hasn’t been arrested yet because they can’t read him his rights while he’s unconscious. We can only hope he is having never ending nightmares that at least match the nightmares he’s created for her children and loved ones. She sounds like a nice lady who was looking for companionship online and ended up with a murderer. You have to wonder if this guy was really on the CIA or if that was just another crazy made up story. There are so many con artists out there using that kind of story to entice women, usually to steal their money. This guy stole someone’s life. That’s the worst crime you can commit. So as far as I’m concerned he can R. I. H. Rot In Hell.

Eden Bee said...

Exactly. As someone who has a stalker for about 3 years now this terrifies me. I feel so bad for her having to deal with restraining orders and court and his harassing emails and calls and texts al because she thought he was a normal guy she went on a date or two with then lost interest. Her RO didn't stop him because when you're insane and going to kill yourself why would jail matter to you.
I am glad pepper spray is legal in NYC. I wish his past had come up on google for her it would have changed everything.

The Unknown Perpetrator said...

"Her RO didn't stop him because when you're insane and going to kill yourself why would jail matter to you."

Everyone needs to let that one sink in long and hard. Words on paper will never not stop lawless crazy people. Remember the next time you think, "There ought to be a law ..."

chris flash said...

Women should be ARMED and READY!!

Raymond said...

Another complete and utter failure on the part of the NYPD to protect someone who was being stalked by a psychopath.