Thursday, November 9, 2017

Report: Arrest made in Avenue D murder

The Villager has an update on the murder of 23-year-old Malik Campbell last Friday outside 118 Avenue D at Eighth Street.

On Saturday, police arrested Rashawn Taylor, 18, a resident in the Smith Houses. He is charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon, The Villager reports.

The NYPD did not cite of motive in the shooting. However, a super who works nearby "blamed the shooting on rivalries between groups of young men living in different public-housing developments along the East River."

As for Campbell:

“Everyone is just sick about it,” said the victim’s grandmother Irma Campbell, who said she helped raise Malik and his identical twin brother, Eli, in Haven Plaza, a block of subsidized housing located off Avenue C at 12th St.

Malik grew up in Haven Plaza with his parents and attended the Earth School on Avenue B and East Side Community High School on E. 12th St.

His grandmother described him as a “good kid, very polite and caring,” though she conceded he had run afoul of the law recently. At the time of the shooting, he was on probation for a low-level drug offense — “pot and pills,” she said.


Anonymous said...

18 Year’s old sad to throw out a life . And now a room upstate with 3 squares and a suit of orange

Giovanni said...

Good work by the NYPD. Now they need to clean up those angry Crusties before they hurt somebody.

Anonymous said...

It’s not right
None of it is
When will this stop is
A question
Never answered
Goes on and on and on and on
Love is Love is Love is Love

Anonymous said...

On site action needs to be taken to help heal and direct these young men to more productive lives.

Anonymous said...

@4:27 sadly the law is a reactive response with proactive intensions. Unfortunately like you said someone will need to be hurt or worse before the lazy donut eaters do anything. There is a cold front moving towards us this weekend, maybe they will move on.

Anonymous said...

Sure, but would you go act as a mentor and take on this challenge too?

Anonymous said...

everyone bears responsibility but society (government, community, individuals) often does not incentive such behavior especially people on the frontlines: parents

Anonymous said...

So tired of the violence in our neighborhood and directly happening outside my doors. I actually live in 118 Ave D where it all went down and this is constant. This time someone had to be killed which is very sad, but nonetheless, how about if it would of been my child who walks home from school at around that time! We all have to live in fear all the time and is the filth of our streets but pay tons of rent like everyone else. Because don't think just cause we in a NYCHA building some of us aren't paying over $1500 of rent to live like animals : (