Friday, November 3, 2017

Report: NYPD searching for suspect after man gunned down on Avenue D

There are reports that a man was shot at 108 Avenue D at Eighth Street around 4:15.

CBS 2 reports that the victim, 23, was shot in the head in the Jacob Riis Houses.

The victim is in critical condition, and police are looking for the suspect, per PIX 11.

Will update when more information on the shooting becomes available.

Updated 11/4

According to the Daily News, Malik Campbell died at Bellevue from the gunshot.

Per the News: "Cops are trying to determine if the violence was connected to an earlier stabbing, according to sources."


Anonymous said...

One would like to know what happened of the other shooting 2 weeks ago exactly 2 blocks up at 11th and avenue C ? Was anyone caught ?

One would like to assume that these aren’t related.... but the choppers and massive police presence would tell otherwise .

.... let’s pray there won’t be anymore.

Anonymous said...

Condolences to the family. What a horrible, senseless loss of a young life.

On another note, I appreciated seeing this post on EV Grieve Friday late afternoon because I was wondering about all the helicopters. Just one of the ways in which we're already missing the Gothamist - they would have covered it. Maybe DNA Info as well (although they didn't update on weekends I think; not sure about late Fridays).

Anonymous said...

Ave 'D'... same old.. same old

Giovanni said...

My Ccondolences to the family, This is awful, and it’s the second murder on or near 8th Street/St Marks Place in the past week, and the third shooting in the EV in the past two weeks. The EV has never been “safe” in spite of what CompStat and people who are interviewed by the media always like to say, but this is getting worse in a hurry.

America’s addiction to guns and violence seems to never end, but it usually seems to be connected either to mental illness or drug/gang activity, which is why we need to at least screen for these things before selling people guns, and to hold anyone who sells guns to the mentally ill or to criminals accountable. But who am I kidding? There are hundreds of millions of guns in circulation. As a nation we have already swallowed the poison of gun addiction. Anyone can buy a gun any time they want to, like the maniac Las Vegas shooter who had dozens of assault rifles. It’s just a matter of itime before the next senseless (not that any murder is sensible) murder occurs.

A word to the wise: Almost everyone I knew growing up who carried a gun is either dead, in jail, or both. Only a few got lucky and survived. When i was a kid our next door neighbor, a loud, charming Italian-American war veteran, used to get drunk on the weekend, and he would get out his hand gun, a German Luger pistol, and wave it around. One night he got really drunk and threatened to shoot his family, so my mother grabbed it whie he was distracted and threw it down the incinerator chute. After he sobered up, he actually thanked her, because he knew he probably would have killed someone. So if you have a gun, get rid of it, because If you play with fire you are going to get burned. Just try not to burn down the neighborhood while you're at it.

Kimberley said...

You're crazy. Aside from a few isolated incidents, the East Village is extremely safe. Maybe you haven't visited the plethora of shitholes this country has to offer.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the individual in question didn't make it. I knew him and know his entire family for many years. Good hard working people who like many are powerless over the ills of society. And, the implications, (if we are not mindful) it does to our youngsters. Either way we need to pray for this young man's soul.

Anonymous said...

@Kimberly. Keep living in your bubble, sweetheart. Tell all the people who got shot and killed in the past couple of weeks how safe it is. What you may not realize is that lot of the crimes that happen here are never even reported, especially the domestic violence and drug gang incidents. The local police stats are a joke designed to lure newbies in and drive up real estate prices, but people who have been here a long time know whats going on. We have people shooting guns at night in the street who are never caught, muggings and robberies that are never reported. Crime is down from the bad old days, but Avenue D was never safe and neither are the projects.I don't recommend that you walk over there at night.

Kimberley said...

If you're in a gang, or a violent relationship, you're not safe anywhere. It has nothing to do with the East Village.

Anonymous said...

You must not have grown up here and you certainly havent lost anyone near or dear to you.