Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Updating: Reports of a shooting on Astor Place

Unconfirmed reports that this happened at the CVS.

The Daily News has a brief report here.


8:35 a.m.

8:40 a.m.

9:05 a.m.

Per the Daily Mail: "A woman has been shot in the stomach while parking her CitiBike in Manhattan before the gunman is believed to have then shot himself."


The woman ... was rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries. The gunman was also rushed to hospital and his condition is also believed to be serious.

10:30 a.m.

DNAinfo reports that the police haven't provided further information about the circumstances or motive for the shooting just yet.

DNAinfo also reconstructs what happened via witness accounts:

"He didn't say a word. He shot her in the chest both times. It was point-blank range. Her feet went in the air and she hit the floor," [nearby office worker Jerry] Simo said.

The shooter, then kicked the woman's feet to make sure she was shot, witnesses said.

"Then he put the gun under his chin and finished himself," Simo added.

Cooper Union has issued a series of tweets...

10:45 a.m.

ABC 7 reports that the woman and the man were rushed to Bellevue Hospital, where they were pronounced dead. (The NYPD now says the man is still alive.)

The station reports that the 62-year-old man and the 56-year-old woman were a couple.

11:30 a.m.


The post continues here with details on the murder victim, Elizabeth Lee.


Anonymous said...

Just came from there. It was a man and a woman Another person said the man had shot the woman, then himself. The paramedics were working hard to revive her but she looked pretty bad as they wheeled her into the ambulance. So, so sad.

Anonymous said...

Stop the World!...I want to get off!

Anonymous said...

Walked past at 9am....and there was nothing to be seen or learned from anyone on the scene at that moment. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Yet another Death By Man.

The most dangerous time for a woman in a relationship is when it is breaking up. No idea if this was in the midst of one or they were split; but, this is SUCH a frequent story.

Holding her in the Light.

Hezaa said...

I wish to God they'd stop calling murders or attempted murders of an intimate partner ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY ARE PUBLIC EXECUTIONS "domestic" "disputes"

"A woman has been shot in the stomach while parking her CitiBike in Manhattan"
"The woman, who appeared to be pregnant, was rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries."


Giovanni said...

@olympiasepriot. You are so right. This is at least the second time in the past two days that a boyfriend tried to kill his girlfriend in Lower Manhattan alone. The other tragedy happened Sunday morning in the projects across the street from Bellevue, on 28th St and 1st Ave. when an ex-con killed his 38 year old girlfriend, leaving a 6 year old child behind. The utter depravity that is mankind knows no bounds. Even as we pray for the victims, we can be certain that this bottomless, senseless, endless addiction to violence will continue.

Via DNA Info:

KIPS BAY — The ex-con charged with killing "the woman that he loved" in an East 28th Street apartment building was found hiding under a blanket just feet away from his girlfriend's dead body, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office said.

Charles Pratt, 33, was charged with murder and strangulation in connection with the death of Latisha Fowler, 38, inside an 18th floor apartment at 344 E. 28th St., between First and Second avenues, on Sunday around 9:15 a.m., police said.

Pratt choked Fowler with his hands and a cord during an argument. Her 6-year-old son was inside the apartment at the time, the NYPD and prosecutors said.

Pratt later told investigators “that he was sorry for killing the woman that he loved,” court papers state.

Anonymous said...

How horrible; how senseless.

As an aside, not specific to this particular tragedy, I wonder if people these days grow up with any moral/religious values that would make them think twice before acting on their worst impulses, or are there just that many more truly evil and/or deranged people in our midst?

Anonymous said...

I was there just as the police were arriving. Never having witnessed something like this before, it really shook me. It seemed as if the woman was tangled in the bikes and they had difficulty removing her. The man lay on his back bleeding. So sad, so unnecessary...

Anonymous said...

@ Anon @ 12:36 -- Just my own personal anecdotes, but lots of abusive and violent people who assault or murder their partners are very religious. They may or may not actually go to services/meeting/etc, but they LOOOOOOVE holding up some kind of Rules from a bearded dude in the sky who conveniently seems to hate women...kind of like in the Bible.

So take your red-herring aside back.

Anonymous said...

DNA Info is reporting that the man is still alive.

cmarrtyy said...

We live in a an increasing narcissistic world where the only boundaries we have are the ones we impose on ourselves. We used to have shared values... now individual values are more important. So people die along with the community. And it's only getting worse.

Eden Bee said...

So sad. And scary.

Atomic Man said...

Tough week for Citibike.

Anonymous said...

I live on 7th Street and pass Cooper Union on a daily basis. When I awoke to the news early this morning, I was crestfallen, to say the least.

I just crossed the intersection minutes ago this evening and it is covered with yellow tape and marked as an official crime scene. To think this would or could happen, in broad daylight, especially after yesterday's attack, is horrific and impossible to bear. In fact, I just read online the female victim has sadly passed away. :(

Here's what I don't understand. If you are so hellbent on ruining or taking your own life, why must you include someone else in the process? Why not just take your own life instead the life of an innocent and defenseless person? And, the ironic thing is that the shooter is going to survive. So unfair. What a coward. We are living in such a messed up and violent world that stories such as this have become normalized.

Condolences to the the loved ones and relatives of the deceased victim.

Anonymous said...

@2:16pm: I have no "red herring" at all; I only have a question I asked in all seriousness. But perhaps you should take YOUR red herring back, b/c your statement is as biased as anything you seem to believe about others.

Just b/c you seem to have no use for religion, you need not cast aspersions on all those who don't share your POV.

ebethnyc said...

Exactly! just kill yourself and let life go on for those who deserve to live.