Thursday, January 3, 2019

Dreams of a light Christmas dashed, attention turns to mysterious hole in Tompkins Square Park

The lights on the Tompkins Square Park holiday tree have been off now going on two weeks.

A mysterious hole arrived near the tree in the days leading up to Christmas Eve Eve.

That hole remains guarded by three sections of a barricade... with "Danger: Do Not Enter" signage...

Word here is an electrical issue KO'd the lights, thus ruining Christmas. Some readers are hopeful that the lights will be back on in time for Easter.

Meanwhile... please do not attempt, despite what you might see on social media...

H/T Steven!


noble neolani said...

I love to jump into sink holes, what could possibly go wrong.

Eden Bee said...

haha! It was really up to my waist I was crouching down. Big pipe with some loose dirt over it. I told everyone so long I am gong to come back 30 feet tall and take over the city when I jump in. Like the alligator you flush down the toilet that grows huge and attack the city.
Took about ten minutes for me to actually step in it but its stable. The drunk benches were shocked I was out crazy-ing them but my friend Shayne really thought a pic would be funny. And it 'tis! He threw me over the fence haha.
Wonder when they will actually fix this? The rent on it is 2k a week. Cozy sinkhole apt in he middle of the most hip area around near all your fave bars! SKYLIGHT INCLUDED!