Saturday, January 5, 2019

Freshman year

Local artist Lexi Bella completed this mural yesterday of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at First Street Green Cultural Park.

Per Lexi on Instagram: "I have been so inspired by our new women in Congress I had to paint my favorite..."


cmarrtyy said...

At this point she reminds me of Zoltar: she just shouts out to anybody who walks by. She has to learn to play with other congress people or she'll end up a waste of a vote.

Anonymous said...

I SO agree!!! I’m tired of her already and she hasn’t spent a week in Congress yet..

Anonymous said...

Those brows tho. swoon

Anonymous said...

Ocasio-Cortez for President 2028. To those above tired of hearing about her: Maybe get out of the house more and either stop obsessing about news-cycle minutia or run for office. Everyone but Trump doesn't have to be boring. Trump won by not being boring.

Anonymous said...

Hey cmarrtyy if Trump can STILL HAVE RALLIES TWO YEARS AFTER THE 2016 ELECTION then AOC can mock the losers who posted a video of her GASP! dancing and having fun when she was a college student with her twirlaround before she entered an office SHE WAS ELECTED TO, and someone can make a mural of her. 'Don't like it? Too bad. Move to the congressional district she represents then vote and/or run against her if you don't like it.

She doesn't "have to learn to play with other congress people", the Republicans who got their asses handed to them (after doing NOTHING for this country 2011-19, two presidential terms' worth of years) have to, ok?

"Tired of her already" - I'm not. I love her in your face attitude which the wimpy old guard Democrats sorely need. Debbie Dingell "impeachment would tear the country apart!" What a coward and a wimp when it's Trump who is tearing this country apart - he needs to go ASAP. IMPEACH HIM!!!!!!

cmarrtyy said...


Your angry and stupid response is just what keeps this country divided. The left is no better than the right.

Giovanni said...

You’ve got to love Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for tweeting about the weird L train people and the “bespoke quiche spots” in WIlliamsburg LOL! Via twitter:

“BX is seizing the throne, now that Brooklyn has been taken over by bespoke quiche spots or whatever you weird L train people did down there 😆”

AOC is exactly what Washington DC needs right now; someone who can take all of President WTFs lies and the GOPs collective bullshit and faux outrage and shove it right back down their throats.

cmarrtyy said...


If we were in France where the idea of romantic revolution still exists, then Cortez makes sense. But sad to say in the US our Left/right wars are fought on the bloodless fields of Twitter. Nothings gets broken. Nothing gets rebuilt. We're all typing.That's politics today. Yawn.

Giovanni said...

AOC sounds quite reasonable to me. But I’m not surprised the right wing is so afraid of her, Perhaps they have some Mommy Issues? This tweet sums up why she makes them so afraid:

“If the GOP wants a wall so badly, they can try to propose and pass a bill like anybody else. Instead, they are seizing gov operations + innocent people’s pay until they get what they want. This is called hostage-taking. And no one can compromise or negotiate with that.”

Vive la France!