Saturday, January 5, 2019


[The L-train construction zone along 14th Street this a.m.]

Details continue to emerge from Gov. Cuomo's L-train bombshell from Thursday ... like this one today via the Post on Cuomo's untested approach:

The engineering team behind Gov. Cuomo’s miracle L-train cure has little experience working on transit projects — and spent a grand total of an hour evaluating the damage firsthand in the subway line’s tunnel, The Post has learned.

But, in a stunning piece of spin, the governor’s office defended that lack of expertise as innovative thinking.

“We’re breaking the box by ­using the expertise of engineers who don’t usually work on subways in order to improve it,” Cuomo spokesman Patrick Muncie told The Post.


Anonymous said...

pure insanity ... we're all doomed

Giovanni said...

Governor Cuomo’s crack team of experts may have spent a grand total of only an hour inspecting the damage in the tunnel caused by Hurricane Sandy, but it should be noted that it was a New York Hour, which in most other cities is equivalent to weeks or even months.

Anonymous said...

What Cuomo is actually proposing is that he gets his name in the papers regularly all the time because he's definitely not lurking the edges of Iowa 2020.

The specifics of the plan sound more like: Instead of closing the L Train for 15 months the L never runs nights and weekends again forever.

Wonder what that crack team of consultants and publicists billed for that "hour"?

Andrew Cuomo's Id said...

It also guarantees that the L will be running super slow and gingerly through the continuing dilapidation of the Canarsie Tunnel. I hope Andrew Amazon is pleased with his obnoxious grandstanding and remedial reading card display at the press conference.


I wonder if that crack team was commissioned by either REBNY or Amazon or both.

Anonymous said...

Looks like somebody took out the slide ruler for an hour. Even on Gilligan's Island it was a three hour tour. This is a Bath fitters approach the day of reckoning was approaching and the Gov owns MTA like it or not and this tar baby was not going in the briar patch. So we go to door number 2.