Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The Continental has likely closed for good on 3rd Avenue

[Photo yesterday by Steven]

After multiple closing dates in 2018, the Continental apparently wrapped it up after New Year's Eve.

This after announcing a Dec. 15 last night, which people thought was the actual last night...

However, in the days that followed, new our-very-last-night flyers arrived on the bar's front door at 23 Third Avenue at St. Mark's Place...

Yesterday, workers removed the neon Continental sign... there's also a goodbye letter from Trigger, who's owned the bar since 1991...

[Photo yesterday by Steven]

In the P.S., Trigger notes: "Stay tuned. We're going to take some much needed time off and then then look to open up something in this very same neighborhood."

The Continental, which transitioned from a live-music venue to a regular-old bar in 2006, had received several extensions in the past year, first in July then October, then Dec. 15.

This is the final business to close on the northeast corner of Third Avenue and St. Mark's Place. A boutique office building with ground-floor retail is in the works. Parts of the assemblage is already being removed.

And before the Continental, there was the Continental Divide, a bar and live-music venue...

I got this photo via Alex at Flaming Pablum. Head over there to read more about the address.

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Giovanni said...

It’s the end of an error. Literally.

sophocles said...

Best line of the year!

Anonymous said...

@Giovanni: YES!

I think "Trigger" needs to be put out to pasture for good.

And I'm definitely not interested in the existence of any business where the customer is always wrong.

Anonymous said...

The dinosaur, oh the dinosaur...

Anonymous said...

And there you have it folks, a business who thought it was a privilege to patronize it and not the other way around. This guy was, is, and always will be full of himself. He wants to reopen in the neighborhood haha good luck as what? Another NYU shots bar he sold out the people who made his bar in favor of? Yep.

Real simple, Trigger: you and your bar which had live music until it was no longer financially viable for you would be NOTHING without the customers.

If/when you reopen will you have an email address and someone to pick up the phone? haha