Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Does 37 St. Mark's Place actually have a new retail tenant?

On Monday, workers were spotted hauling out pieces of the demolished interior at 37 St. Mark's Place, the long-vacant storefront on the northwest corner of Second Avenue... prompting an all-cap headline: DOES 37 ST. MARK'S PLACE ACTUALLY HAVE A NEW RETAIL TENANT?

This high-profile storefront, now with papered-over windows, has been empty since the 7-Eleven closed here five-plus years ago. (The space was previously J.A.S. Mart.)

Work permits were recently approved for an interior renovation, at a cost of $127,000. No word just yet who the new tenant might be, though. Put me down for something dessert related.

Meanwhile, Nobletree Coffee will be opening soon in the corner space.

Updated 2 p.m.

Steven shared this photo of the interior...

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Anonymous said...

If it's yet another dessert place how many sweets can one eat?