Friday, January 4, 2019

Today in Urban Etiquette Signs; 'How dare you'

And a reminder not to discard your mattress and box springs over on this part of 11th Street between Avenue B and Avenue C, via @ChrisRyanAction...

As you can see, there are two notes affixed to the discarded property... starting with an effective:

How dare you

And, uh-oh! ...

We have you in [?] camera. It's a violation to put your garbage in private property.

Keep your BED.

1 comment:

noble neolani said...

I live in a small building with just one other person, whenever I go out of town towards the end of a month I return to a scene like this, mattress unwrapped leaning against the tree in front of my building and a $200 ticket from sanitation on my front door. My guess is with a now very transient neighborhood people are moving in / out literally every month from one or more buildings on our block. Do avoid losing their deposit from the landlord they dump their mattress in front of a neighboring building which is usually mine. The sign will do no good since the culprits are long gone and will never return.