Friday, February 1, 2019

Happy No. 20 to Lavagna!

Lavagna, the low-key Italian restaurant with an open kitchen at 545 E. Fifth St., celebrates its 20th anniversary today.

That's quite an achievement given how many buzzy restaurants come and go (have come and gone).

Here's a little bit of a review from over at The Infatuation:

The place has been in business since 1999, and it’s still busy every night. Chalk it up to an excellent and consistent menu of pastas and entrees that keep the regulars coming back, exceptional daily specials, and a really good wine list. It’s everything that you want a cozy Italian restaurant to be, and it’s not even all that expensive.

Lavagna, which is just west off of Avenue B, has remained one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants for these past 20 years. Congrats to Yorgos and the entire Lavagna family.


Anonymous said...

Cheers to a great place!

DrGecko said...

Grieve, if you want you can correct the noodling of the restaurant's name in the last paragraph and then leave this comment up as a monument to my ill temper.

Anonymous said...

cheers to yorgos! how i miss seeing him in his husker du tee sitting with his snaggle-toothed dog at the now-vanished french cafe across the street!

Grieve said...


Anonymous said...

Great restaurant and great staff. Have spent many a a great nigh there. Here's to 20 more years.