Sunday, February 3, 2019


The pre-Super Bowl delivery situation outside Atomic Wings on First Avenue between 11th Street and 12th Street ... thanks to EVG reader Laura for the photo!


Anonymous said...

Chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday, it's like Turkey on Thanksgiving at this point. You just gotta do it. Don't like chicken wings? TS. This is what we all do now. Love it or leave it.

Anonymous said...

I live in NYC partly b/c these idiotic sports "events" mean nothing here versus the rest of what NYC has to offer. Places where football is the local religion are (and belong) mostly in flyover country, where there's nothing else to do.

Giovanni said...

SInce no self-respecting New Yorker would be having a Superbowl party in which the New England Patriots are playing anyone except for the New York GIants, you can be sure that most of those deliveries were headed for ex-pats from Boston, Providence, Danbury, Burlington, Manchester, Kinnebunkport, Bangor, or some other godforsaken part of New England. The rest of the orders were probably for bi-coastal LA refugees who are unfortunate to be in New York during the winter. It was a lousy game, so I hope at least the food was memorable