Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Longtime East Village resident Frederic Tuten's 'Young Life'

"My Young Life," the new memoir by Frederic Tuten, the critically acclaimed novelist, essayist, teacher and artist, is out this week via Simon & Schuster.

Fellow Bronx native Ira Silverberg has a piece on Tuten and the book on Vulture today.

Some excerpts from the post:

"My Young Life," which I acquired when I was an editor at Simon & Schuster, is a love song to a lost New York. Tuten and I grew up in the same neighborhood, though 25 years apart. Time, however, stands still when you’re from the Bronx. You’re always farther away from the achingly hip scenes in "the city," as we called Manhattan, than anyone — and it’s not just the miles, it’s the psychic distance that enforces how long and hard of a journey it will be to get where you belong.


I have always seen him as an elder statesman of the 20th-century American avant-garde and as a landsman, in the truest sense of the word, given our Pelham Parkway birthright and the shared story of finding our way downtown at an early age and making a life in the arts — precisely the opposite of what our first-generation parents imagined for us.

Tulen, a 50-year-plus resident of the East Village, will be interviewed by Steve Martin in a Q&A Monday evening at the Paula Cooper Gallery on West 26th Street. Details are at this link.

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