Thursday, March 14, 2019

Tree Bistro is returning after October fire

Tree Bistro has not been open since the six-alarm fire this past Oct. 3 at neighboring 188 First Ave. between 11th Street and 12th Street.

That fire wiped out Tree Bistro's backyard garden ... and caused other damage inside the restaurant.

Now EVG regular Lola Sáenz reports that the space is under renovation, and will reopen later this spring.

Uogashi, the Japanese restaurant in the retail space at 188 First Ave., didn't fare as well, and is not expected to return. The Uogashi website, now offline, had listed "permanently closed" under their hours of operation.

Officials said they believe the fire, which injured 17 people, including 14 firefighters, began inside Uogashi. An exact cause has not been made public.

Meanwhile, Fiaschetteria Pistoia returned to service on March 6 after a late December fire badly damaged its space on 11th Street near Avenue C ... while the storefront housing Yakiniku West at 218 E. Ninth St. between Second Avenue and Third Avenue is under renovation. The Japanese restaurant's Facebook page states that they plan to reopen some time this year after a fire in the building last April.


Anonymous said...

Say it isn't so. I was under the impression they were closed indefinitely. This is wonderful news. Tree Bistro is a great restaurant with warm staff and delicious cuisine. Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

I still miss Brunetta's, with their great food and blue collar working man's hours of 4 AM-2 PM...different time, different neighborhood, different city...

Unknown said...

BEST NEWS EVER! Tree Bistro is a neighborhood jewel. For those of us that consider ourselves "regulars" this is a wonderful turn of events. So happy for Colm, Goldie and the entire gang. See you all soon!

Scuba Diva said...

I've never been to Tree, but I went a long time ago to Brunetta's, with the fluorescent lights—clearly not the long-ago breakfast-and-lunch schedule, but not trendy at all. ("And we liked it that way! We loved it!")