Monday, April 22, 2019

East Side Gourmet Deli has closed on 4th and B

That's all for the East Side Gourmet Deli on the southeast corner of Avenue B and Fourth Street (in the retail space of the colorful building). A look through the slats in the gate reveals an stripped and empty shop.

Word from around here is that the newish owners decided against staying following an increase in rent. The deli had been open lately with limited hours of operation.

The block isn't without market options — East Village Finest Deli is open right across the Avenue ... and Ben's is one block to the south.

H/T Stacie Joy for the photo!


Neighbor said...

This bodega always struck me as poorly stocked particularly given the competition and we definitely have too many on this block, but man do I hope it doesn't become another vacant box. This stretch of B is starting to turn into a ghost town.

Anonymous said...

It was kind of dumpy and lacked a good selection (and good that hadn’t been sitting there forever). Lord only knows how Ben’s survives. Only good thing about Ben’s was when they had Snack Dragon hanging on to it from the sidewalk until the building inspector closed that little shack down.

Anonymous said...

I surely don't miss the Le Souk busy times on lower B