Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Tribeca Film Festival arrives in the East Village

The Village East on Second Avenue and 12th Street is serving as a venue for the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival, which starts today and runs through May 5.

As such, the theater is only screening films from the Festival. Village East will return to its usual programming on May 7.

In the meantime, you can always check out the Anthology Film Archives on Second Street and Second Avenue or the Metrograph down on Ludlow or the Quad Cinema on 13th Street... not to mention the Film Forum, IFC Center, the Angelika Film Center or Cinema Village.

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Giovanni said...

If you go to the Tribeca Film Festival, stick to the documentaries and avoid the narrative films unless its by a writer, director or has actors you are a big fan of. I have seen many more misses than hits at Tribeca over the years. Most of the narrative films are duds and never get picked up, even on cable. The few films that have stood out were Asian — “The Rocket”, an Australian movie filmed in Laos in 2013 was a good one, or European ‘’ ‘In Order of Disappearance” in 2014 which starred Stellan Skarsgard. For some reason (perhaps government funding and support for the arts?) the foreign films are usually much better quality than the US films.

Sorry Tribeca Film but it’s not worth spending $24 a ticket for the evening and weekend tickets to be treated like cattle just to watch a movie you've never heard of and which will never be seen again. Better to go with the $12 matinees and rush tickets, or just hang out during the red carpet openings to watch the stars come and go for free, and which is sometimes even more entertaining than the movies

Anonymous said...

Well, whoop-de-flipping do; who cares about the Tribeca Film Nonsense, which brings the "red carpet" (HA HA!) to our area, along with snotty "film festival" workers telling us that we can't walk on our own block. They also put up barricades to make us walk out in the street. Nice going, De Blasio and associated fools.

PS: Just checking on this: Are we still "Midtown South" or are we now "Tribeca North"?