Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Plywood treatment for the former Foot Gear Plus on 1st Avenue as storefront renovation looms

Last Wednesday, workers surrounded 131 First Ave. with plywood...

[Top photos by Steven]

We received several queries about what was happening to this single-level storefront at St. Mark's Place that was home to Foot Gear Plus for 40-plus years until July 2018.

According to the work permit on file with the city, in the DOB's ALL-CAP STYLE: "THIS JOB IS IN HUB SELF-SERVICE AND CANNOT BE VIEWED UNTIL ACCEPTED." (Boo!)

[Reader-submitted photo from last Wednesday]

The property had been on the sales market, with a pitch mentioning 4,150 square feet of air rights.

According to a filing that hit public records in November, the property changed hands for $3.85 million. The new owner is an LLC that shares an address with HUBB NYC Properties LLC, a real-estate operating company.

Late last November, the retail-for-rent signage went up on the corner space.

The listing with Meridian Capital shows that the storefront can be divided up into three smaller spaces ... with a "brand new build out."

Presumably the plywood represents the start of this new build out for retail use... and not a demolition for use as a residential spot.

Meanwhile, as EVG reader Elissa notes, the plywood has been tagged and wheatpasted...

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Bike lane!

Giovanni said...

Space A; Noodle Shop
Space B: Bubble Tea Shop
Space C: Bubble Tea and Noodle Shop