Friday, April 26, 2019

EVG Etc.: L-TRAIN SLOWDOWN TIME; Webster Hall grand reopening night

[Taco time, 2nd and A]

Streetsblog has more on the NYPD's crackdown on bikes without bells Saturday in Tompkins Square Park and Union Square — aka the "misplaced priorities and racist policies" of the de Blasio administration. Find follow-up stories here and here. Meanwhile, the police commissioner's bike does not have a bell (Gothamist)

There are plenty of L-train slowdown guides to choose from, including at Town & Village ... Curbed ... and NY1

And obviously someone was going to make a parody song about the L-train slowdown (via the Post) ...

A look inside the revamped Webster Hall, which reopens tonight with up-and-comer Jay-Z (Billboard ... previously on EVG)

Politicos want Trader Joe's to deliver again (The Villager ... previously on EVG)

More private, market-rate apartments are coming to a tower planned within a Lower East Side public housing complex (The City)

Farewell old Essex Street Market (Gothamist)

Sietsema liking the smørrebrød over at Smør on 12th and A (Eater ... previously on EVG)

Cash-free places rethinking the cash-free thing (Grub Street)

History of the doomed Sunshine Cinema (Ephemeral New York)

A look at the Keith Haring X Barbie® "who looks as if she fell headfirst into a bin of Keith Haring attire at UNIQLO" (Filthy Dreams)

... and spring in the yard at St. Mark's Church-in-the-Bowery via riachung00...

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The L train song video makes me feel young again!