Thursday, April 25, 2019

It looks as if 264 E. 7th St. won't be demolished after all

In September 2016, a permit was filed with the DOB to demolish the three-level townhouse (circa 1842) at 264. E. Seventh St. between Avenue C and Avenue D.

Preservations rallied to try to have the string of pastel-colored residences here considered for landmarking. However, in late October 2017, the Landmarks Preservation Commission refused to consider them for such a designation.

And that was the last we heard of the property. In a mailing yesterday, however, the Village Preservation (GVSHP) noted that new owners purchased the property, and it appears they intend to keep the building intact. (Public records show an LLC paid $7.7 million for the address.)

According to a new permit filed with the city, the owners plan to renovate No. 264 and convert it to a two-family dwelling, leaving the exterior of the building in place and adding a small extension in the rear.

Per Village Preservation: "This is a tangible indication of the new owner’s plans to maintain the building rather than demolish and replace it with a taller and larger building." (Like what happened across the street.)

And as noted before, Felicia Bond lived in the garden duplex at No. 264 when she illustrated the renowned children's book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" in the mid-1980s.


While No. 264 may have escaped demolition, the fate 268 E. Seventh St. remains unknown.

In September 2017, a demo permit was issued for the three-level home.

[File photo of 268 E, 7th St.]

There are permits still awaiting approval — as of October 2017 — for a 6-floor structure with 8,000 square feet of residential space divided between two units.

Actor John Leguizamo owned No. 268 starting in 1995. In February 2013, the building hit the market with a $4 million ask. However, as Curbed noted at the time:

It's unclear how recently Leguizamo lived in the place, or whether or not he even still owns it — the deed was transferred to an LLC in 2002, and the listing says that it was "Recently a single family residence; currently used as a 3-family" ...

Leguizamo watchers on the block figure that the actor moved away from here about 2001 or 2002.

According to public records, No. 268 sold for $3.65 million in September 2013 to investment banker Wilco Faessen, who's listed as the developer.

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jpgale said...

Have recently been running down this street a lot, and remarked to myself about how particularly beautiful and varied the buildings are.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the State is rolling back the free property tax thing?

Anonymous said...

I can’t get over the history here in the EV! This block between C and D was known as Political Row and has a rich history. Glad to hear this building has the potential to be restored to its once grand appearance!

Anonymous said...

7th street between avenues C and D is one of my favorite blocks in the city--I love its history, quiet and diversity. So glad to hear this piece of it will be preserved!

Unknown said...

I grow up in the corner of 7th street. In front of Rosie's Candy Store. Great memories. wish I was 9 years old again