Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Mount Sinai Beth Israel files plan for 7-story hospital on 13th Street

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The initial work permit has been filed for part of the new Mount Sinai Beth Israel complex on 13th Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue.

According to the permit filed last Wednesday, the "hospital building" will stand 7 floors — encompassing more than 112,000 square feet. (H/T New York Yimby!)

This will rise on the now-empty lot where a 14-floor building (321 E. 13th St.) stood that housed training physicians and staff of the nearby New York Eye and Ear Infirmary.

As previously reported in the fall of 2016, the Mount Sinai Health System is in the midst of its years-long project to rebuild Mount Sinai Beth Israel, transitioning to a network of smaller facilities throughout lower Manhattan. The plans include an expanded facility on 14th Street and Second Avenue, which includes this 7-story building.

Mount Sinai Beth Israel had not previously specified how many floors the new building would be. Officials briefed Community Board 6 in February, which Town & Village covered:

The new Mount Sinai Beth Israel hospital planned for East 13th Street may be shorter than initially planned due to newly-discovered unused space at the adjacent New York Eye and Ear facility, representatives announced at a sparsely-attended Community Board 6 meeting ...

"We discovered that there was more property available inside the New York Eye and Ear building, which allowed us to reconfigure what we’re going to do with the new building on 13th Street," said Brad Korn, corporate director of community affairs for Mount Sinai Beth Israel. "We're not changing any of the programs or promises we made on beds or anything like that, but it just makes it a little easier and will be a little less intrusive in the new build-up."

Brad Beckstrom, senior director for community and government for Mount Sinai, told CB6 that the new plan will connect to the New York Eye and Ear building "so it will become an integrated hospital."

Find more info on the Mount Sinai Beth Israel restructuring at their FAQ page.

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MrNiceGuy said...

Strange... how do you "discover" that there's more space in your building. If I keep looking around my apartment, will I eventually find another bedroom???

cmarrtyy said...

7 is better than 14. But a dorm is better than a hospital. No matter how you stack it... we're still screwed. The neighborhood will be plagued with NOISE and TRAFFIC. If you have enough money you can get whatever you want from Mayor Bill's Admin. ONE PARTY RULE. ONE PARTY RULE.

noble neolani said...

The good part of this is the people on 13th Street will have a bit better view looking north. This is not another luxury condo, not to mention a modern health facility has officially moved into the East Village.

Scuba Diva said...

MrNiceGuy said:

If I keep looking around my apartment, will I eventually find another bedroom???

Happens to me all the time; that CBD oil is wack.