Friday, September 27, 2019

Behind the scenes of the new group show 'Love No Border' with Scooter LaForge at the Lower East Side Girls Club

On Monday evening, "Love No Border," a new group show, opened at the Lower East Side Girls Club on Avenue D at Eighth Street.

Per the official description:

How do we cope in a world with almost a billion refugees, migrants and internally displaced persons? How do we respond in a country that separates families, puts children in cages, denies basic human rights and dignity to tens of thousands of desperate people seeking refuge at our doors? It’s been said “Strong people stand up for themselves, but stronger people stand up for others.” Love No Border is an artists’ call to action.

In this show, "Love No Border," artists from throughout the United States and Mexico are using their time and talents to give voice, to give witness, to give love and support to those who, like them, are standing up for others.

East Village resident Scooter LaForge, known for his sculptures and large-scale graffiti-inspired paintings, is among the artists showing work here.

Leading up to the event, LaForge worked with members of the Girls Club and staffers Mary Adams and Amarilis Jimenez to create his contribution, a 12-foot sculpture created out of donated stuffed animals that were turned into "immigration-enforcement monsters." LaForge and the members also made signs for the protest installation.

EVG contributor Stacie Joy joined LaForge and the Girls Club members for two art workshops, first in April then in August...



And here's the final work, as seen on Monday...

"Love No Border" is on view through Nov. 30. There will also be events throughout the run of the show to raise funds for immigrant aid organizations. Find the schedule at this link.

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