Monday, September 23, 2019

What's new below 14th and B?

Here's a street-level look at 14th and B...

Preliminary work started in the summer of 2017 on building new entrances at Avenue A and a new power station at Avenue B.

The weekly L Project newsletter provided an update on what's happening below the streets here ...

[Photo by Trent Reeves/MTA Capital Construction]

Our new substation on 14th Street and Avenue B has floors, walls and a ceiling. That means it's time to start installing the equipment. Here the industrial grade fans arrive, which will help maintain the right temperature in the substation.

The L-train slowdown began on April 26, and is now expected to be finished within a year.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe, you know, have a plan to deal with any storm surges so this power plant doesnt blow up like the Con Ed one?

Anonymous said...

THIS IS A FLOOD ZONE! I live across the street and can tell you this site was totally flooded during Sandy. So typically MTA to put an electric station on a crowded street in a flood zone. State bureaucrat hacks with no clue about how the city works.