Thursday, September 26, 2019

What 300 or so Gem Spa T-shirts look like

A shipment of 850 Gem Spa T-shirts arrived today... at Gem Spa on Second Avenue at St. Mark's Place.

Steven took these shots. Parul Patel, who's running the shop these days, estimated that 300 were in these photos...

These are the T-shirts (a popular item now) that people pre-ordered BEFORE Sept. 23 either at the cash mob on Sept. 14 or via the store's PayPal account.

And only buy the shirts via Gem Spa. Apparently there is a black market Gem Spa operation out there!

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Guys DO NOT BUY the GEMSPA T-SHIRTS from any webites!!!! We are ONLY selling them at the store and for $20 Please share this post and dm the names of any websites you see selling them. Oh please report them and tell them to refund your money since they are selling knockoffs. Thank you so much for your ongoing support & love!🥤🥤🥤🥤🥤🥤🥤🥤🥤. 🥤🥤 #gemspa #eggcream #madonna #basquiat #nydolls #davidjohansen #leonardodicaprio #leodicaprio #dreadematteo #tedbarrigan #nyceats #eavieats #nycc #nycgo #nycityworld #nycity #nycblogger #eastvillagenyc #eastvillagetour #nycstyle #nyclife #nycliving #visitnyc #newyorkcitystyle #newyorkcityfashion #newyorkcitylife #newyorkcity🗽 #tshirt #nytimesfashion #cbs

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Anonymous said...

It never occurred to me that anyone would dare to steal the design and profit from online purchases that customers THINK will benefit Gem Spa. Thanks for this warning!

Anonymous said...

People ripping off Gem Spa's t-shirts? That is LOW & VILE!

PS: Dear Gem Spa, I want you to know I'm doing my best to support you & pretty soon I think my blood type will officially be reclassified as "chocolate egg cream"!

Anonymous said...

Can someone post on this thread who is bootlegging the Gem SPA t-shirts?

Anonymous said...

Quick look: