Thursday, September 19, 2019

'Mom-and-Pop Storefronts,' now on display at the Theater For The New City Gallery through Oct. 27

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"Capturing the Faces & Voices of Mom-and-Pop Storefronts" is currently on view at the Theater For The New City Gallery, 155 First Ave. near 10th Street.

The photography and oral history exhibition comes courtesy of East Village-based photographers James and Karla Murray and the East Village Community Coalition.

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Experience activism and community through the lens of photographers, as they display their work from two free 2019 workshops with acclaimed photographers and award-winning authors Karla and James Murray.

In two sessions at the East Village Community Coalition, James and Karla taught participants how to use photography and oral history to raise public awareness, build community, and encourage advocacy. Participants learned to create their own powerful photographs of neighborhood storefronts and to connect with the proprietors through personal interviews.

The opening reception was on Monday night. The work will be on display through Oct. 27. Gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

You can find articles on the exhibit at Untapped Cities ... amNY and 6sqft.

Art by Jose De Freitas and Jenny Hallak of @bodegalatin.


Anonymous said...

love James and Karla and all their work documenting and glorifying the slowly(?) disappearing “mom and popness” of the village and downtown

Dwg said...

Thanks to the East Village community coalition and photographers for this great exhibition! It’s a trip!