Saturday, September 28, 2019

Video: Recap of the East River Park march and rally; 1st City Council hearing set for Oct. 3

[Photo from Sept. 21 by Stacie Joy]

Community activists came together last Saturday to protest the city’s resiliency plan for East River Park that will see the space closed for three-plus years starting in March. (Find our photo recap here.)

Yesterday, The Indypendent published a recap of the march and rally, which included this video...

The stormproofing project is in the final stages of the city’s land use review process. The Planning Commission approved the plan back on Monday. The plan will head to City Council next for a hearing on Thursday, Oct. 3. This link has details.

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cmarrtyy said...

Paging Dr. Gerhels. Dr. Gerhels. Paging Dr. Gerhels. Where is his report? It seems from the Patch article that maybe just maybe Death-of-the-City de Blasio is having second thoughts... or maybe first thoughts since I can't believe he even had a thought about the ramifications of this plan. But if he is looking for a way out... Where is Dr. Gerhels... Paging Dr. Gerhels... Dr. Gerhels...

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the Million Trees NYC Project? "Tree Massacre on Forsyth St."