Monday, September 23, 2019

Last-minute notice about a PS 64 town hall tonight

There was very little advance notice about this... Community Board 3's Arts & Cultural Affairs Subcommittee is hosting a town hall this evening about the former P.S 64 and CHARAS/El Bohio community center on Ninth Street between Avenue B and Avenue C.

It happens from 6:30 to 9 at the Theater for the New City, 155 First Ave. between Ninth Street and 10th Street.

The flyer promises an array of local elected officials, including State Sen. Brad Hoylman and City Councilmember Carlina Rivera, as well as city officials. Is the Mayor really going to be there?

CB3's September meetings included mention that the Arts & Cultural Affairs Subcommittee was finalizing plans for a town hall tonight. But we never heard anything about the event. There haven't been any notices in the local press or email invites from CB3. I found the flyer on the bottom of the CB3 website — only after seeing it this morning on the La Plaza Cultural Instagram account.

On Feb. 7, local elected officials gathered outside the building and urged the city to reclaim the property for community use. Read more background about the long-vacant property here.

Property owner Gregg Singer recently filed another lawsuit against the city.


Anonymous said...

Been on CB3 agenda for weeks and was emailed two weeks ago, It is just a lot of groups and people that are sending it out last minute. Just saying.

EV Grieve said...

Who was it emailed to two weeks ago? From CB3?

Sydney, the reporter at Patch, told me that she never received any email notification of the meeting either.

Nick Marcilio said...

Enough is Enough, when will the City Eminent Domain this building to save it? Singer is taking out Structure on the side and making it fall down, meanwhile every school in the neighborhood is overcrowded,

Anonymous said...

@Nick Marcilio

I'm no Singer fan and agree the city should eminent domain the building but schools in the neighborhood are not at all over crowded. That's the wrong argument.

noble neolani said...

Maybe De Blasio can make this school a "world class school" to match his "world class park" along the river.

Anonymous said...

Madison Realty Capital gave singer 44 million to rehab this project .They are the same hardmoney lenders behind Toledano that pushed out 200 tenants and 24 artist and small buisnesses in 24 buildings.They are all also sitting vacant while they go through a Bankrupsy .We need all these buildings preserved .As a artist and Tenant that has lost a lot due to these greedmongers enough is enough ..

afbp said...